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  • fe.noctua is a "jump host".
    • A "jump host" is a load balancer which establishes a connection to one of the two physical frontends of Noctua.
  • This means you have to do another ssh. We recommend the following procedure:
  ssh -X -t -A ssh -X noctua
  • If you want to connect to the last connected frontend, then use this command:
  ssh -X -t -A ssh -X noctua-last

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File Systems

Available Software

Tuning Hints

FPGA Usage

System Specific Environment Variables

They are set automatically at login on a Noctua frontend and can be used in scripts. Refer also to Noctua file systems.

HOME Absolute path to your PC² wide home directory
PC2DATA Absolute path to the PC² wide group data directories
PC2PFS Absolute path to the group directories on the Noctua parallel file system Lustre
PC2SCRATCH Absolute path to PC² wide group scratch directories
PC2SW Absolute path to the Noctua software directory
PC2SYSNAME The name of the system: "Noctua"