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pc2status is a commandline tool available on Noctua and Oculus that shows you:

  • which projects you are a member of
  • and for each project:
    • the project runtime and total computing time contingent granted
    • the projects monthly and three-monthly contingent and the computing time used by the project so far (Details about the definitions can be found on the page about Slurm.
    • the resulting priority of the project
    • the distribution of used computing time among the project members
    • the file system usage and quotas


  • The computing time statistics are updated every 10 minutes.
  • The computing times are counted in cpu-core hours. That means that using one compute node of Noctua for one hour amounts to 40 core-hours, because each node has two cpus with 20 cores each.
  • You can use pc2status -f to get a listing also for past months.
  • You can limit the output to a specific project with the commandline option -p PROJECTNAME.