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OCuLUS operation ends at the end of 2021. All projects using OCuLUS will then be migrated to Noctua.

We will contact all OCuLUS projects in Q3 2021 to help them porting their applications and job scripts.

Login-Frontends: fe.pc2.uni-paderborn.de fe-2.cv2012.pc2.uni-paderborn.de

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Brief Instructions Status and Upcoming-Events File Systems
FAQ and HowTo Hardware Overview Workload-Manager
pc2status on OCuLUS Available Software Tuning Hints

Node Architectures (by lstopo)

System Specific Environment Variables

They are set automatically and can be used in scripts. Refer also to OCuLUS file systems.

HOME Absolute path to your PC² wide home directory
PC2DATA Absolute path to the PC² wide group data directories. Mounted read-only on the compute nodes and read-write on the frontends.
PC2PFS Absolute path to the group directories on the OCULUS parallel file system BeeGFS
PC2SCRATCH Absolute path to PC² wide group scratch directories. Mounted read-write on the compute nodes and the frontends.
PC2SW Absolute path to the OCULUS software directory
PC2SYSNAME The name of the system: "OCULUS"