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On OCuLUS we use OpenCCS as Workload Management System (WLM).

  • Available Documents
    • The User-Manual including all man pages (also in $CCS/doc).
    • The WLM-Rosetta a comparision of OpenCCS with other WLMs (e.g., SLURM, PBS, Torque,...)
    • The man pages. E.g, man ccsalloc or man ccs_resource_formats
  • Example job scripts are in $CCS/examples (Gaussian, Matlab, Singularity, TurboMole, array jobs, job-chains, ...).
  • Getting system information
    • Show available resources ccsinfo -a --classes
    • Get detailed node information ccsinfo -n --sta=ok or ccsinfo -n HOSTNAME
    • Get Job distribution: ccsinfo -s --dist
    • Get current OCuLUS utilization: Use ccsdashboard. The information is updated each minute.